Help & Support

Password Recovery Help

If you should ever forget or lose your password, go to the Forgotten Password Form. We'll send your password to the e-mail account you used when you registered. If you changed your e-mail since you signed up, you can go to the same form and click on the link to update your e-mail address to retrieve your password.

If you don't have enough information to complete the previous two options, you can submit a help ticket.

Include the following information in your ticket:

  1. Your username (it's in your URL —
  2. Website URL
  3. The e-mail address on file for your account
  4. An alternate e-mail address
  5. First and last name
  6. Mailing address
  7. Date of birth -OR- the last four digits of a credit card on file

Please note: We care about the security of our members. If you're unable to provide this information, we will not make changes to the account.

Why do we need to know all this information?

You wouldn't want us to give out your password to the first person who asks, right? We need this information because we need to verify that you are who you say you are. It's because we care about the security of your account.