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Custom HTML and CSS

There might be times when you want to plunge right in and work directly with your HTML and CSS code. Using the Custom HTML Add-on and the CSS Editor, you can do just that.

Custom HTML Add-on

You can insert snippets of HTML in the pages you build with Tripod Site Builder using our Custom HTML add-on module. Open your web page, go to Add-ons at the top of your screen and drag and drop this handy module wherever you would like it to go on your page.

As a subscriber to the Free Tripod account plan, you may use HTML tags, <embed> tags and inline CSS in the Custom HTML module. To use JavaScript in this add-on, you must upgrade to a paid plan. See the web hosting plan comparison chart for more details.

CSS Editor

Even with more than 140 styles to choose from for your website, you might decide that you want something a bit more unique or personal. Our CSS Editor enables you to effortlessly juice up your style.

Although it helps quite a bit to know CSS using the CSS Editor is pretty easy. To find it, open your website, click Styles on the top menu and then click the Edit Style button.

Need some help?

Interested in adding custom blocks of code to your site, or editing your site's CSS? For more information on writting HTML and CSS, check out our HTML Basics and CSS Basics tutorials.

If you're building your site offline and then uploading it via FTP, we also have a few HTML templates that you can use as starting points for your website. They even include documentation for all the CSS, so you can learn how each CSS rule affects the HTML.