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If you've used Microsoft Word and similar applications, you'll be immediately comfortable with Tripod Site Builder's text editing functions. Click where you want your text to go on a web page and start typing. It doesn't get any harder than that. To make your text bold, highlight it and click the Bold icon. To change fonts, click the drop down menu and choose one of 11 web-safe fonts. You'll also see buttons to align your text, create bulleted and numbered lists and add links. It's all pretty familiar stuff.


Tripod Site Builder makes it easy for you to insert images, audio, video and documents into your web pages. To upload your media to your site, click Media on the top menu bar and then click the Add New button. From there, you'll be able to browse your computer for media files and upload them. When you're ready to place your images, audio, video and documents, simply drag and drop them wherever you would like them to appear on your web pages.


You don't need to be a code warrior to build dynamic and content-rich websites. We make it easy for you with widgets that you can use to accept PayPal payments, link to Flickr photo albums, provide Twitter feeds, embed YouTube videos, create forms and much more.


Not a web designer? Not a problem. Choose from one of more than 150 templates to suit your website's style. You can change templates at any time with a single click.


You can create as many pages for your website that you like within the limits of the disk space allocated to your account. Your Tripod Site Builder's Page Manager lets you quickly add, delete and change the order of your pages.