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FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is a networking standard that is used to copy a file from one computer to another over a TCP/IP-based network such as the Internet.

What are some reasons I would I use FTP?

It's a fast and reliable way of transferring files from your computer to your Tripod account. Most often, you would use FTP to upload and download files between your computer and the Tripod server where your account resides.

For example, if you use an HTML editor on your computer to create your webpages, you would use FTP to move several files at a time to your Tripod member directory.

You can also back up your files in your Tripod member directory to your computer for safekeeping. We don't regularly back up member files, so we can't restore files that you delete, either on purpose or accidentally. Before you delete a file from your Tripod site, make sure to save a copy for yourself on your computer.

What do I need to FTP my files?

To upload/download your files using File Transfer Protocol, you will need an FTP program. There are several free and paid FTP programs available. FileZilla is among the most popular free FTP programs for PCs, Macs and Linux machines.

You may also use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox with the FireFTP extension installed to FTP your files.

How do I log into FTP?

Whether you use FileZilla, Microsoft IE, Firefox or another program, you'll need to enter the following information where specified:

  • Host:
  • Username: Your Tripod username
  • Password: Your Tripod password

Once you're connected, you'll typically see two columns. In the left column, you'll see your local files and folders (folders are often referred to as directories). In the right column, you'll see the files and folders on the server you're connected to. To upload or download files, drag files and folders from one column to the other just as you would when you use the Windows Explorer file manager on your computer.

Consult FileZilla's documentation for detailed instructions on how to use their program.

Internet Explorer
To FTP files using Internet Explorer, enter into the browser window. Next, enter your Tripod username and password in the spaces provided. Click the Log On button. Click View in the top menu, scroll down and click Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer. You'll be prompted to reenter your username and password.

Firefox with FireFTP
To FTP files using Firefox, FireFTP. To begin an FTP session, click Tools on the top menu bar, scroll down and click FireFTP. Next, click Create an account and in the Account Manager fill in the fields for host, username and password. Click OK. Click Connect.

Anything else I should know?

Your file names and images need to be HTML compliant. That means filenames cannot have spaces or non-alphanumeric characters.