Tripod Site Builder: add-ons

Don't code? No problem!

Our ever-expanding library of add-ons allow you to do more with your website. You can get access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and PayPal widgets without having to know how to code.

Browse through the different categories to get an idea of all that you can do with your website.

Text Block

In the rare instance that you can't just click on your page and start typing, the Text Block will add new editable text areas to your website. Your text can then be edited by using the Site Builder's text tools tab.

Facebook: Like Box

If you have a Facebook fan page, this is the add-on for you. Display a Like Button for your fan page, to instantly let your site's visitors add your page to their interests and get posted in their news feeds. This add-on also has the extra options of displaying thumbnails of users that like your page, as well as the option of displaying your page's news feed. Requires a Facebook fan page to use.

Facebook: Like Button

Add the Facebook Like Button to your site to instantly let your users 'like' your page and share that like on their Facebook news feed. This add-on is different than the Like Box, because it is for people to specifically like your website, rather than your Facebook fan page.

Google +1

Visitors can click to recommend your site which will appear on both your page as well as in Google search. Requires a gmail account to recommend sites.

Flickr Photos

Display a feed of your desired Flickr photos/photo albums on your page. A great add-on for photographers that already have a flickr account set up, but also need a full website. Requires a Flickr account.

Form Creator

Ask your visitors questions and have them send their answers directly to an e-mail of your choice.

Google: Calendar

Share your calendar with the world and let your visitors know when you're available for appointments, when your band is touring, or as a reminder for important dates. Requires a Google account.

Google: Maps

Post maps for your business, favorite local hotspots and traveling destinations by importing your Google Maps information. Requires a Google account.


The Guestbook allows visitors to leave comments that can be shared with everyone. You will be able to customize input fields and receive alerts when entries are submitted.

GV: Poke The Penguin

Look to add a comical piece to your page? Try Gamesville's Poke the Penguin! Poke will only tolerate harassment for so long until he ends up in a furious rage — sure to keep your guests entertained.

GV: Poker Game

Add Gamesville's poker game to your website to give your visitors a quick distraction.

Last Updated

This add-on makes it easy to let your visitors know the last time you updated your page. Just drag and drop it onto your site and it will auto-update each time you publish your site. Chart

Show off your latest taste in music to your visitors. Customize the interface, how many music enteries to showcase and the time period you would like to display. Requires a free account.

Lycos Search

Turn your site into a web search portal powered by Lycos search results.

Page Counter

Keep track of and display how many page views your site has received.

PayPal: Buy Now Button

Sell individual products easily with PayPal's Buy Now Button. By using this payment portal, you can ensure that your visitors' orders will be handled by one of the most well known and trusted payment methods on the Internet. Requires a PayPal account.

PayPal: Shopping Cart

Sell multiple products on your website and easily add as many products to your online store as you want. By using PayPal's payment portal, you can ensure that your visitors' orders will be handled by one of the most well known and trusted payment methods on the Internet. Requires a PayPal account.

Photo Album

Create a gallery of photos you uploaded to your website.


Need input from your users? Use the Poll add-on to ask them specific, multiple choice questions. Display the poll and results to your visitors using our predefined layouts.

Share This Site

Let your visitors market your page for you. This add-on contains quick links to various social media / bookmarking websites that can help spread the word about your website or make sure that it's easy for people to get back to.

Table Tool

Add a table to your website to easily layout information and images in a structured and easy-to-read format. Effortlessly add extra rows and columns to make your tables as simple or complex as need be.


Display the current time on your website in a variety of different formats.

Twitter Feed

Post the latest tweets from your Twitter feed right onto your page. This makes for excellent sidebar content and allows visitors to stay up-to-date with the latest information you share. Requires a Twitter account.

Weather Zombie

Display accurate weather forecasts with a walking-dead twist. Choose the location you like the forecast from, the metric of measurement and which zombie forecaster you'd like displayed on your page.


Let visitors check the weather on your website. Select different cities, states, countries and even select to display in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

YouTube Video

Want to easily display your favorite YouTube videos on your page? All you need is the url of the video you want to show, and this add-on will take care of the rest. Requires a YouTube account.

Custom HTML

Can't find an add-on your looking for? The Custom HTML add-on allows you to insert your own code into your website. Important: due to spamming accounts, script tags (ie. javascript) are not permitted for free accounts. Paid subscription plans do not have this limitation.